Our Philosophy

If you had the choice, wouldn’t you much rather dress in clothes that gave you comfort or clothes that told a story of who you were?

Unclench was created as a platform to offer light-weight and comfortable clothes designed with illustrations that spoke to your true nature. Not the frilly, pretty look but eyebrow raising designs that resonates with your everyday challenges.

We hone each word we say and to help you break free from the 9-5 days, we offer 100% Japanese cotton made t-shirts, dramatic phone case designs as well as tote bags that carries more than essentials. As we continue to design more apparel, we want to see how you unleash your freedom. No clenching necessarily.

U: Uplifting Step away from the status quo with uplifting and refreshing designs.

N: Natural Stay comfortable in your own skin with soft fabrics and eye-catching designs

C: Charismatic Through our in-house illustrations and creatives, we want to transcend charisma to our customers.

L: Lively We created our products with a positive, young and transcending energy which we hope to pass on to you.

E: Empowering Our designs were created to give you an empowering style to boost your confidence. N: Nirvana

Through our designs, we hope you feel a sense of liberation and freedom.

C: Curious Our designs and quotes may raise a few eyebrows but we hope those who wear our products stay open minded and strive to colour outside the lines.

H: Humorous Why take life too seriously? Enjoy your youthful moments and laugh out loud. Have a funny design, idea, quote? Let us know at support@unclench.co

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That’s the reason Unclench.co was created. As a platform that helps people ex- press themselves through light-weight and comfortable apparel and to shift away from the corporate environment. Our collections were created for those individuals that we feel can benefit from fun and creative designs, when they are not working their 9-5.

In the corporate world, you dress to impress, you dress to look put together and professional, you dress to feel confident in your business meetings and close those deals. You wear tight and uncomfortable clothes to make a great impression, but in reality, if you had the choice wouldn’t you much rather dress in a loose T-shirt and yoga pants and feel comfortable?

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