In the corporate world, it’s common to work a 9-5. It’s even more common to work overtime to meet your deadlines, running from meeting to meeting or flying across the country for a project. You dedicate more than half your time to work. In this stressful environment with tight deadlines and projects, there also isn’t much room for you to dress how you want to dress. 

In the corporate world, you dress to impress, you dress to look put together and professional, you dress to feel confident in your business meetings and close those deals. You wear tight and uncomfortable clothes to make a great impression, but in reality, if you had the choice wouldn’t you much rather dress in a loose T-shirt and yoga pants and feel comfortable?

That’s the reason was created. As a platform that helps people express themselves through light-weight and comfortable apparel and to shift away from the corporate environment. Our collections were created for those individuals that we feel can benefit from fun and creative designs, when they are not working their 9-5.  

Wanna unleash your freedom now?